] JFT|TOKAI Communications Inc.

We don’t want to invest
more in servers and software

  • Legacy EDIs
    (Zengin, JCA)
  • Distribution BMS
  • Cloud linkage
Achieving an optimal data exchange environment
Achieving an optimal data exchange environment

Features of our Service

  • A public-type service where platforms and networks can be shared by multiple customers.
  • We provide services with fixed monthly rates depending on communications protocol
    and number of files.
  • Transmission costs for shared networks on public-type services are included in the monthly rate.
    We can also provide networks and network devices for customers’ exclusive use separately.
  • We accommodate multiple protocols as well as data editing.
    Data editing is handled on an individual basis.
  • Transmission processing status can be checked via a web interface.
  • Commands the customer can use to connect with our service are provided at no additional cost.
  • Dedicated SEs run the system 24 hours a day, throughout the year.
Communications protocols AS2 Protocol
ebXML Protocol
JX Protocol
Zengin TCP/IP Protocol
Zengin Basic Protocol
JCA Protocol
FTP/FTPS Protocol
Web EDI Protocol
HULFT Protocol
E-mail transmission
SOAP connection
Immediate operation
Scheduled operation
Character code editing
Layout editing
File combination
File splitting

Use Cases

  • Case 1
    As your company grows, you may need to put together various networks and EDI systems. What's more, it's very difficult to hire and
    manage employees with specialized knowledge in data, communications, and infrastructure. Our company can provide services
    matched to your company's growth and we have specialized teams to handle challenging areas of your EDI.
  • Case 2
    When your company needs to accommodate a new communications protocol such as distribution BMS, rather than having to prepare
    a new internal EDI server, you can accommodate new communications protocols just by changing your existing EDI system's
    connection point to JFT/SaaS.


Initial cost ¥180,000
Monthly cost Small Medium Large


JFT/SaaS meets your requirements!